Syrian Conflict - Opinion

This is an opinion line of articles, op-eds and news reports; about Syria’s inside conflict, the country’s relations with outside world - neighboring countries in particular - and what foreign policy is being pursued toward Syria by some western countries that have bearing on political balances in the region.
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  • Syria has a greater problem now than it had even with the last year’s multi-faceted conflict between armed groups fighting each other, which put the country in a grim situation: Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant While ISIL fighters pose a major threat for the territorial integrity of the count

    18/11/2014 21:59

  • Syrian civil war, a secterian war, the proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran, Syrian conflict or whatever you call. There is something serious happening out there, and sadly that has long been costing hundreds of thousands of lives.

    17/11/2014 21:13

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